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Re-enhancing Memories With Photo Restoration In Laguna Niguel

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April 19, 2013

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Re-enhancing Memories With Photo Restoration In Laguna Niguel

Pix & Dubs is in the business of keeping your memories alive and specializes in enabling you to do so with our many services. Photos capture certain moments in your life that you’ll never forget and in looking through them, you’re able to reconnect with emotions and memories from these special times. Like all prints, these photos can become damaged from the wear and tear of time; water spots, creases, cracks, scratches and more can affect the look of your favorite photos and that’s where we come in.
We proudly offer top quality photo restoration that brings your captured memories back to their original quality and allows you to see them the way they once were. With the use of technologies and techniques that are professionally applied, we are able to successfully recreate your images without ruining your original copy. Whether you want to remove red eye or make creases and water spots disappear, we make this service available to you for your memories.
“Old Damaged Photos Don’t Have To Be Forgotten!”
Over the years, there have been many changes in the world of photography that have generally enhanced the look and quality of printed photos. Picture taking has been a part of tradition for generations and has extenuated through years of family trees but over time, you’ll find that these photos have faded or become damaged from being in storage and handled; that’s where we come in. When you come across a picture that’s been damaged from water or folding, we offer you a way to bring it back to life and see it the way it looked when it was taken, if not better. We are able to offer this top quality photo restoration from any photograph, picture, print, negative, slide or transparency so the platforms offer endless possibilities for you.

Here’s how it works; you find a photo that needs some restoring and bring it into us. We’ll have an experienced technician work with you to ensure that all of the restoration that is needed will be performed. Working closely with you, we are able to get your photo back to its original quality or better and will make sure that we take the time to work through every possibility. From the simple removal of red eye or date stamps to more complex techniques like color correction and the removal of water spots, we are able to transform your photo back to its’ best quality.
Making Your Photo Memories Truly Timeless

When you bring your photo into Pix & Dubs, we’ll start the process by asking you what results you want to see and be able to offer you one of our six steps for restoration. Starting from a minor base level to our extreme top level restoration, we will be able to provide you with the right type of restoration after a quick consultation to figure out your desired end results. We’ll measure the degree of damage and repair necessary to restore your photo as close as possible to the original condition. 
By using the PhotoShop and other state-of-the-art software and a trained eye, we are able to bring almost any photo back to its’ original foundation. Try it out yourself or bring it in and let the experts take care of it for you. Memories can be remembered for a lifetime but having quality photos offers you a way to remember the emotions that captured your life at the moment the picture was taken.

Check out our many samples of restorations on our website or come by today and let us take care of your photo restorations!
Call or come by today and get the committed service from professionals who truly care. Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of your memories and are always happy to help you recapture them. Let us provide you with caring and quality service that you won’t find anywhere else.

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