Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What type of scanners do we use at Pix & Dubs?

Recently received a question from our website http://www.pixanddubs.com/contact_us.htm
asking about what scanners we use and what resolution we use to scan.

Here's my reply;

We mostly use Epson scanners, models range from 4490, V500, V700, also use Microtech large format 9800 and our lab negative scanner from Noritsu Model 3001.
Our default scan setting is 300 dpi - but that will vary depending on the original and what the job calls for. Example a 4x6 original - if it needs to be enlarged to a 16 x20 we would scan it at 1200dpi.

If anyone else out there has any other questions/comments please let me know.